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About Us

about us.

The Business Women’s Circle has been created in order to provide a free support system for women in business. Together we are building a collaborative network rooted in a desire for growth, cooperation and search for win-win opportunities.

We are creating bridges between women’s humanitarian needs and fruitful professional ventures. We focus on matters of gender equality and women’s rights issues in a way that allows us to progressively solve these matters through daily tools and frameworks. We  automate and decentralize progress towards an equal and safe world for women, in which we can individually thrive and evolve simply by interacting and participating in our collective support system.

Starting locally and growing with an international purpose, we are launching Business Women’s Circle initiatives progressively, in one place after another, so that the solutions we have implemented in one place can travel and be adapted wherever else in the world they are needed.

To start your local Business Women’s Circle and be provided with our development playbook, contact us.



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About Us

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